Pentair / A&A Manufacturing Strike Deal to Acquire Patents from Pool Patch

Pentair / A&A Manufacturing Strike Deal to Acquire Patents from Pool Patch

One of the most recognized brands in the swimming pool equipment market, Pentair acquired A&A Manufacturing last year to expand into the in-floor cleaning systems market. As part of this acquisition, my long-time associate and former co-worker, A&A General Manager Don McChesney, retained his position and committed to keeping their manufacturing facilities local. Through the course of several meetings, Don and I were able to strike a deal for the purchase of four of my in-floor cleaning head patents 8,590,0718,984,6779,702,1589,624,683 which align with Pentair and A&A’s reputation for innovation and quality.

I’ve been in the swimming pool industry for over thirty years. I have been developing and manufacturing pool equipment with national distributorship. Still, it’s exciting to see my inventions purchased by one of the most recognized and respected brands in the industry. This purchase will also allow me to re-focus my pursuits in the adult-use legal cannabis market, which has finally passed in Arizona with Prop 207 on the ballot in November.

One of my main goals is to help native Arizonans with non-violent felony cannabis convictions gain financial independence by assisting them in applying for and being granted a dispensary license under the Arizona Social Equity Program. This program was part of the legislation in Prop 207 aimed at restoring some justice to residents and communities that have been disproportionately impacted by cannabis prohibition, racial profiling by police, and the associated negative economic impacts. 

I intend to empower residents with my venture Social Equity Partners which identifies applicants who are likely to receive a dispensary license and connect them with local investors who want to keep cannabis revenue in local communities instead of large corporate coffers. SEP will also work with licensees to help them establish a turnkey dispensary under my ELEVATE brand.

ELEVATE is a full-service cannabis dispensary that offers a clean, modern space focusing on the holistic and wellness benefits of cannabis consumption. By keeping associated revenue in these communities, SEP intends to restore balance and create positive change while bringing adult-use cannabis into the 21st century.

I’m looking forward to establishing dispensaries and cultivation facilities in areas I own property including Sunnyslope, Pinetop, and Jerome. I have plans to make ELEVATE recognized as an industry leader throughout Arizona. As a Sunnyslope resident for over a decade, I’ve seen the effects of cannabis prohibition and their negative impacts firsthand and believe that we can make a positive change in our local communities before larger cannabis brands with ties to venture capital and foreign investment establish themselves with little to no concern for the well being of local residents. 

I should note that Pentair and A&A’s purchase of my patents occurred during my ongoing legal battle with Zodiac/Fluidra regarding patent infringement, more of which can be found here

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